Kellar Autumn, Ph.D.


In addition to his photography work, Kellar Autumn is also a professor of biology at Lewis & Clark in Portland, Oregon.

Kellar Autumn

Kellar Autumn, White Island, New Zealand

Kellar Autumn’s research focus lies at the interface of biology (biomechanics), engineering (contact mechanics and materials science), and physics (intermolecular and interfacial forces.

When he was studying at the University of California at Santa Cruz, Kellar was a staff photographer for the student newspaper City on a Hill, and covered the anti-apartheid riots. Kellar received his Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics and Biology in 1988, and his Ph.D. in Integrative Biology at UC Berkeley in 1995. He continued at Berkeley as an Office of Naval Research Postdoctoral Fellow until 1998, and joined the faculty of Biology at Lewis & Clark in Portland, Oregon in the same year. In his lab he and his students study the mechanisms and evolution of animal locomotion and develop biologically inspired materials and machines. National Geographic sponsored research, and photography, have also taken him to Tibet and the Taklimakan and Gobi Deserts of central Asia.